vi var alla unga, mer eller mindre begåvade och vi var vackra


Aleksandra # 16 - Un'altra

What is it with music that throws you around whether there is space or not, forgetting fatigue and inhibitions, blisters and boyfriends? At three am the band begged us the audience to go home.

Here is one explanation to the power of music, provided by Christian Lindberg, Swedish composer and conductor.
"We were dancing monkeys long before we were talking individuals. The root of language is rythm and once we get the rythm in our blood, a hundred bodies can gather force in one voice and body, build pyramids or march in sync towards death or victory over the enemy. Rythm, dance and music are the basis of all interplay, most beautifully expressed in the large choir or symphony. With its help, we feel the sphere of music and perceive the essence of humanity."

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