vi var alla unga, mer eller mindre begåvade och vi var vackra


JULIA # 30 - Surfing the day away

To recommend ones favourite web pages feels very 90's, but so does chatroulette and chatroulette is amazing.

My three favourite web sites for the moment:

Ideas worth spreading
because i like to learn new things, so I can try to impress boys when I'm drunk and fail to seduce them and eat too much the next day and feel bad, but comfort myself saying 'at least I'm smart'.

because eveyone loves a bad boy, and as I'm spending most of my time at my internship or smoking under the kitchen fan, I don't have time for a real relationship

Cuteness overload
because I have a sensitve side too and need to see a dancing elephant baby every once in a while to endure the day.


  1. åh älskade dom två första! blev ledsen av elefantvideon dock :(

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