vi var alla unga, mer eller mindre begåvade och vi var vackra


JULIA # 39 - Real problems

Tonight after work I haven't done anything useful at all.
And it's sad cause I had a date with two good friends and we were going to listen to Enya and make big capes out of black velvet and be happy. But since I don't have money on my phone, and they don't have internet access, we won't get hold of each other.

So instead I've:
*re-smoked all the cigarette butts Clara left
*eaten a big chocolate cake that I made for Johan yesterday
*broken a tooth that I can't afford to get fixed.

But! I'm happy anyway!
Cause at least this text below is not about me

I would like to have a boy like other girls and go out on Saturday nights
but no boy will take me because I was born without a nose - although I am a good dancer and have a nice shape and my father buys me pretty clothes

Me having other problems

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