vi var alla unga, mer eller mindre begåvade och vi var vackra


Carolina# 10 The Interview

There were two of them and one of me. One male and one female were sitting on one side of the table at the conferenceroom and I was sitting by the other. Side, that is. By the other side but in the center and I was surprisingly comfortable with being center of the attention. No tension. We had had an excellent ”giving-and-taking-part-in-a-conversation”-conversation during the past twenty minutes and I wondered and still do, if all interviews for job and likewise are as pleasant as this one. But it was as if it was about to end. We had an understanding, there was nothing to add, I had no further questions but it couldn't really end so soon. ”So what do you do when you’re not doing…well…err.. this?”, the male-employee asked me. I didn’t really see it coming and for a split second I wanted to answer that I am just about to discover who killed Laura Palmer. Or that I don't know who John Galt is but I am eager to find out. Or why the meaning of life is 48. Or that I am cultivating my own back-yard, that I always have an eye open for underlying darkness. Or anything like-wise to see if we also had the same cultural preferences and recognition of some magic references. But that would not have been suitable in this situation. So I answered ”Well… a lot of stuff. None of it is visible here.” I made a gesture toward my application. ”I enrich my life with culture and litterature and movies and creative handcraft.” They nodded and I took it as a gesture of approval. It was not a bad answer but they didn’t really see it coming I guess. The female broke the silence: ”That is such a useless question to ask”. I just smiled and the male said ”Yeah... I know. I don’t know why I asked that”. I bet he knows who John Galt is.

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  1. å! det låter ju som att intervjun gick bra! träffas i veckan o pratar - typ torsdag om det passar!