vi var alla unga, mer eller mindre begåvade och vi var vackra



For some reason there have been loads and loads of people from Turkey on our blog lately. And that makes us very happy!
Viva Istanbul! Viva Turkish food!
(Ever since I was in Alanya ten years ago, I've been dreaming about this amazing meat that was served in a ceramic pot. That was the first time I got full for real I think. )

So, you're all more than welcome to our little space!
But I can't keep myself from asking - what brought you here? It says that you guys were googling 'Julya Aleksandra' and landed on pictures of me and my sister climbing the Eiffel tower with a ladder. But what were you looking for really? And who are 'Julya and Aleksandra'? Pop stars? Tv cooks? Mistresses of the Turkish President? Your contribution to the Eurovison song contest?

Please, I'm really curious now!
If you help me, I'll promise to buy this and wear it at work for one week!


  1. There are flights to Istanbul from Brussels for 20 euro!

  2. haha min kompis borde köpa ett sånt linne =) hon älskar turkiet och turkiska killar :)