vi var alla unga, mer eller mindre begåvade och vi var vackra



I have faded blue nailpolish on my middle fingers, just to flip people off in a more colourful way.I don't do it much but when its saturday night and I am working and some shitfaced twofaced whatever is trying to get my attention by grabbing or screaming, its a good thing. I started liking chilisauce, and olives. I can never see my floor for all the clothes that cover it, and i excuse myself for it way to often. Someone once told me to stop saying "I am sorry", I guess I am just used to being misunderstood.
the unknown is taking over. its like waves of discomfort and uncertainty, uncertainty can be a good thing, uncertainty keeps me interested and awake. but there is a limit. I need my sleep too, to be in the know.
would be coolers, potatoes, bananas and jazz. hm.

good night for now

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