vi var alla unga, mer eller mindre begåvade och vi var vackra



I have been ill pretty much once every two weeks since december when I went home to Sweden over christmas. People always conclude Sweden to be a pretty much frozen country all year long, but truth is I haven't seen a "white christmas" for at least 3 years, and if it has been slightly snowing it has always faded in the days to follow. this year, however, the apocalyptic snowgods of russia (corny I know) went our way with the most freezing weather I have ever experienced. it was very difficult for me to even leave the house as my skin almost instantly goes red and dry as soon as it any kind of minus degrees going on. anyways, I got sick, pretty much the second I landed, and it kept on keeping on until now. yesterday I went to se James Chance and les Contorsions, which was awesome, he looks like an evil character from like snoopy or something (as in a typical 40's style gangster). totally not human, a charicature of himself.

Either way it was a very amazing show, but it was sweaty and messy (someone threw a wineglass at me before the show had even begun) and my illness couldn't really handle that so I retreated to the back after about an hour of crazy dancemoves from James and a hell of a lot of moshing in the audience formed moshpit (yes...) about 5 inches from where i was standing.

in any case, after this I decided I've had enough of this cold from outerspace (or russia or wherever) and I am now resorting to the last know measures I can think of. Chicken soup. thats what people always associate with illness, so i figured it had to be associated with it for a reason. so right now i am boiling various vegetables, onion, garlic, ginger and chicken in a huge pot in my kitchen. it looks a little something like this:

I am also about half my way through todays breakfast, consisting of two bags of kiwis and a family pack of orange juice.

since i have been sick for quite a while now, this is what has been taking over my (formerly known as) food cabinet. oh well. if this doesn't work... i don't know what will...

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