vi var alla unga, mer eller mindre begåvade och vi var vackra


Ida #23 Such a big ass

- My first group of friends in Mexico tricked me into thinking that kissing on the mouth (no French kissing though and usually just half lips half cheek) was a way to say goodbye. I am not proud of buying that CHEAP CHEAP trick, but on the other hand I was really uncomfortable just kissing someone on the cheek when saying hi. So like 4 guys in this group of people was like “no but it is just a way for men and women to say that they had a good time together”. Later I went on a date. I kissed the guy on the mouth as a way of saying goodbye. Next time he asked me:
“Why did you kiss me?”
“Eh, that’s the way you do it?”
Ok so that is easily one of the things I am MOST ashamed of. I am in fairly civilized Mexico, not some undiscovered island where people say hi by, I dunno, pressing their butts against eachother or somethings. I should have known it was a trick. But I didn’t.

- I am dating this guy and he is great and everything. He is half English so I get tricked into thinking that he is European although he is born and raised here. This leads to small culture-related misunderstandings sometimes. I sent him a photo of me, where you could see basically my face, my hair, and a tiny bit of my underwear-covered butt. OK so I am expecting praise for this supercute photo and the only thing he says is “what a big ass”. For him it was a good thing to say. For me it was horrible to hear. He is all like “yeah but mexicans like big butts and blabla it is a nice comments, oh I love your ass!” I have no idea how to handle “nice comments” like that – sure I have a big butt but no. Just no. Say “curvy” or say “nice figure” but Alan, do not say "you have a big ass" when you get semi-nude photos. Por favor.

behind that leg, a big ass is waiting

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