vi var alla unga, mer eller mindre begåvade och vi var vackra



rescentment is weird. I have felt it. shame is weird, I have felt that too. we all have shortcomings right? I wish it could all be very simple, like drinking too much coffee in a booth at a restaurant in prague on the south side of the river. Laughing at something with that friend who I met in an elevator. wow those things just don't happen around here do they? maybe they do, maybe I am just stuck again, my room is a mess, I have to much homework to do anything about it. so I sit in the mess and draw and listening to "stuff you should know" soon moving on to "stuff they don't want you to know" right now I know most things about mercenaries, ninjas, noodeling and organ donation.
I will try to casualy slip those subjects in to conversations.

someone told me who to have as friends once, what to drink and to eat and what to listen to. He told me to drink the strongest coffee and to smoke the strongest cigarettes, to live among people that did the same and that this was truly how to live and feel the most alive.

She realized he wanted to blindfold her. "No I want to watch!"

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