vi var alla unga, mer eller mindre begåvade och vi var vackra


JULIA # 19 - The art of never being invited but always showing up

hi! here i am again!

no invitation this time either!

I've gotten in to far too many places where I wasn't inteded to have access. And I do believe that it's not because I'm cool or cute (all girls my age are)but rather bacause I have a brave and creative approach to these matters. Here are my tips how to do it:

Ten things to say to get into a party/club/lecture/fashion show that you're not invited or even welcome to.

1. Nothing - just run in and look important and stressed.
2. Say that you're playing in Mando Diao (no one knows the memebers)
3. Look at the guest list discretley and try to see a name. Or five.
4. Windows or smoking areas are entries too.
5. Show your work badge, pretend its your back stage pass. If you get caught, just go "oh fuck, i took the wrong one". They will be impressed that you have a job.
6. Say that you work for Acne. I've never tried it myself, but two of my friends have it as their universal ticket to get into anywhere
7. Bring a big camera, a note book, a pen that works and say you work for a paper or have a blog. They will be impressed that you have a job and know how to accessorize.
8. When you see a group of people getting in, join the crowd and melt with them. Then leave them fast once you have gotten in. Invited people seem to hate free riders.
9. Ask the star "can I get in with you?". They're nice and like to use their power, they'll help you
10. Use your imagination

Don't - ask your ex for help. It's not worth it.
Don't use the fact that you're a cute girl, rather the fact that you're a creative, cunning, free little soul.

Karl Lagerfeldt is one of the nice ones

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  1. Hej!

    Härligt med en kreativ blogg!! :D Blir glad!
    ...gillar du tatueringar / tattoo-art, kika gärna in på min blogg - lämna jättegärna ett avtryck ;)
    Ha en kanondag!