vi var alla unga, mer eller mindre begåvade och vi var vackra


Carolina #2 Kitchen-small-talk-and-wine

With a thirty minutes delay in the Friday-evening-social-schedule, I did my best whirlwind imitation when entering the kitchen at my friends place. Of five people planned for dinner, four was now gathered. No 5 had found a guy being brutally beat up in the stairwell where she lives so because having to wait for the ambulance to come she was running late. I was late because I had to hand over an important instrument to a musician friend playing in Stockholm tonight. What friend, what instrument? Oh, just a random Swedish pop-band big as church-choir and it was my flute. A flute? Yes, I have had it in my playbox for quite some time now and it just lays all silent, waiting to be used. Yes I imagine t is not as portable as the flute I have in my iPhone. No kidding, a flute in your iPhone? Does that work? Not only does it work but also it has an application for listening to other people’s tunes from all over the world using their iPhone-magic-flutes. Someone wished someone else a happy birthday, a toast to that and to our lovely host for supplying us with food without formalities in fashion. Yes I was thinking I might go to Copenhagen next week for the fashion-week, Stockholm is pretty lame. It is more about the parties and the people than clothing and industry. Indeed, no wonders we only have bloggers on front row when no one of true international dignity visit and specially invited people on the important parties are drinking drinks free from alcohol in a bar serving for free. What are you saying; that the important thing is being drunk? No, not really. It is not that bad but yes people have a lot more fun when their further career is not depended on their social skills at parties. Without constipation we are all social and not just good drinkers. Cheers to that, and to the lovely host for bringing us together you will make a good mom some day. I would like to be a dad in a near future I have felt that for some time now. Oh really? That was unexpected. I think it is likely that I will have twins. Petite mademoiselles often do so I think you are right. Can I have some more cheese please? Lovely marmalade, darling. Doorbell rings. Whirlwind-imitation no. 2 when no. 5 and her cat-like sister arrive. So good to see you, how are you, traumatized? Oh good God, brutally beat-up guy, blood in blood out and all he wanted to do was to light a cigarette so he did about a million times and of course his name is Kaj. Kaj!? Hold you horses, why is that so natural? You consider that a criminal name? What happened to JonnieConnieSonnieRonny? Are not these the high-frequent names on criminals? Kaj is associated with darkbrown hair, a pair of Rayban-spectacles in order to see well, not (only) to look good and he is always glowing from modesty or self-consciousness. Don't forget you have a secret crush on that concept. Oh, yeah. Right. Hm. Don't think it is a secret, though. Everyone has a crush on that concept. I hear you sister, lets drink to that. More wine in our glasses and a toast to a concept of love. To the wide concept of love and lust for life. To the concept of kicks from smothly going conversations and effortless smalltalk with friends and friends of friends on a Friday evening. Then we danced away.

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