vi var alla unga, mer eller mindre begåvade och vi var vackra


Ida #15 Burfdei

---------------------------Before -------------------

I spent the first 6 hours working on my article, then sending it to the supervisor, and then getting it back with the old usual "what are you THINKING"-kind of message. That made me a bit sad. I talked to my family. That made me happy. I got a cake. Happy. Someone shove it up my face. Happy/Sad (see photo). Spent lots of hours in bed watching Big Love. Happy but sort of depressed too. Sent a message to the person I thought was my best friend here. No reply. Sad. Message from Miguel. Happy. Went to his bar, got free drinks and cake. Happy. Got drunk. Happy. A guy who has fallen in love with me came to talk to me. Uncomfortable. He said he is planning to kill himself. More uncomfortable. He asks me for the keys to my apartment. I say no. He starts to beg. Uncomfortable. I eventually give him the keys. Really really uncomfortable. Goes with Miguel and his collegues for a party. Drinks tequila and sings my favourite songs the whole night. Very happy. Goes home. Manages to put the roof on the taxi (one the inside) on fire with the lighter. Ashamed. Other person still in my apartment. He drank all my alcohol. Angry. He gets angry when I tell him to leave. Angry/Scared. He really really refuses to leave. Scared. He gets a knife and says he is gonna kill himself in my apartment. Scared. Trying to leave, he wont let me. He has the knife. More scared. Crying. Goes to the toilet, sends a message to Miguel who says he is gonna come. Really scared. Manages to get out from my apartment, no shoes on but a guy with a knife following me, trying to drag me into the apartment again. Scared/crying. A neighbour sees it and eventually the other guy leaves. I go to my apartment, waits for Miguel. The other guy comes back. He shows me that he has my keys. More scared. Then he comes back again. Gives me the keys. Still scared. Miguel comes. Takes me to his bar again. I drink margaritas and feel sorry for myself. I go home, I sleep 14 hours. Bought new locks for myself as a birthday present. Might add a stun-gun too.

My life is so fucking exciting. Happy birthday to me!



  1. hjälp! där höll du på att bli 25 och inte en dag äldre!

  2. nej vad heeeeemskt! shit vad jobbigt ida! :( usch skulle också blivit jätte rädd :( :( :( ÄLSKAR DIG! akta dig för che guevara kopior med adhd! PUSS!