vi var alla unga, mer eller mindre begåvade och vi var vackra


Aleksandra #13 - Rain

She is coming today, Camulen, with high hopes and a bicycle bag crammed with excess luggage. To be joined by Vincent in the next days, by fortune's whim.

Less by coincidence and more as a consequence of the harmonogramme for internship programmes at the European institutions, they come as I will have spent two years in Brussels.

Welcome to the city of rain, sex and powers as laid down by the Lisbon Treaty.

Enjoy the singing metro, six weeks of summer, the streets full of trash and, sometimes, confetti, which sticks to your soles and gets into your house and even Danuta, the cleaning lady, knows how to get rid of it (I don't mind). Spend Sundays in St Gilles, remember their taste of Moroccan crêpes and sound of brass

Meet people that confirm your worst prejudice, sneaky little fuckers that won't leave when so many of your loved ones do. And those that make you change your mind, and those that make your heart beat faster.

Listen to the rain drops as they hit the window.

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