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Carolina #5 Put oneself out there

So, the story goes that Dee Dee Ramone was hustling down 53rd and 3rd to pay for his heroin habit.

53rd and 3rd standing on the street.

53rd and 3rd I’m trying to turn a trick

53rd and 3rd, you’re the one the never pick

53rd and 3rd, don’t it make you feel sick?

What the lyric is about has been up for discussion at several times. Some people stress that Dee Dee wasn’t really hustling because no one ever was willing to pay any money to have him. In other words, he made an effort and tried to make anyone pay for his sexual performance. He put himself out there for prostitution but he was never picked.

Then I took out my razorblade

Then I did what God forbade

Now the cops are after me

But I proved I’m no sissy

Then one time, some older man actually picked him and he couldn't go through with it. He was not man enough, he was no sissy. So he just robbed the guy. That is what some people say. Others say that he actually killed that guy.

53rd and 3rd, 53rd and 3rd

53rd and 3rd, 53rd and 3rd

53rd and 3rd, 53rd and 3rd

53rd and 3rd, 53rd and 3rd

DeeDee died from an overdose in 2002. Today 53rd and 3rd is no longer a bellybutton for male prostitution. But boy, it is a good story told in a good tune. Have an adventurous week-end.

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