vi var alla unga, mer eller mindre begåvade och vi var vackra


Ida #4 Voy a mi casa estaré alli por si quieres ir.

God one hate I hate about Mexicans is that they are so fucking unreliable. It is all about "I love you" but for real they do not give a fuck. SIGH.

Anyway I just wanted to say that I am at the airport in Mexico City and I look like shit due to the fact that 2 days ago I had a little party with my mexican lover (ex-lover now, I guess), which of course included wearing cowboy-hats (like in this very fine picture of me) and singing quiero que me quieras while drinking snaps with fanta (clazzy_girl_in_town) and last night I travelled to the airport, so yeah I have slept next to nothing and I am wearing sort of a jungle-outfit because my schampoo leaked out in my bag leaving all my clothes slimy and wet.

Anyway, a truly beautiful man comes up in front of me. I stare and stare. I can tell that he is really short but honestly, after all this time in Mexico I don´t care, I´ve hooked up with a guy who is 165 and I am 178 so, really, it doesnt matter to me (except from that it is nice if the penis actually reaches down to where is is supposed to be without the man having his head somewhere around your bellybutton). This guy. He is sitting i front of me now. Right in this moment. He is so fucking nicelooking, you can see that he never smells bad or farts or anything. Oh fuck 2 seconds ago his girlfriend comes. She is petite and really beautiful, pretty much like him actually. I try to hide because I feel like Shrek. Now I will go and smoke a cigarette and think about cancer. Later Alligatorz.

/ Confused girl with smelly jungle-trousers and frizzy hair

PS. OH just saw that he wears really ugly socks. Now I feel better.

PS2. I miss Miguel

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