vi var alla unga, mer eller mindre begåvade och vi var vackra


Ida # 3 Jag kan dansa också.

I have a thing for guys who are emotionally unavialable. I don’t know why, God knows I just wanna be loved, like everyone else, but the guys are I fall in love with are always emotional fuckups, or married, or people in bands with a drug-and-prostitute-addiction. And I fall in love and I cry and I wonder why, but really, I am the one with the problem. Show me a guy that cannot love me back, and I will adore him. Sometimes nice guys fall in love with me and they tell me I am so wonderful, and I am like “ok” and forget them straight away. Because I seem to seek the unhappy love, seem to love being sad and cry. I don’t know why. Guess I am a fuckup too. The minute that bad guy start to talk about a future together, that he is gonna leave his wife or stop being an asshole, I stop loving them. Again, gotta love being me. /

PS. as I copypasted this post from my folder with potential blogposts, I am being stared at by the local hippieguy. He is in his 50s, about the height of an apple, brown and wrinkly like a raisin, with weird hair, looks like a broom sort of, and he has clearly been smoking weed non-stop for the past 1800 years. All the time he is, I dont know how to express it in english, wiggling his eyebrows at me? For five minutes now, his eyebrows has been doing this strange dance at me. I am scared.

PS2. I leave Mexico for 2 months of Europe-holidays, in 9 days. Said goodbye to my driver today with vodka and cigarretes on my sunroof. It was nice and we had a "moment" and then someone started to scream hysterically in the house nextdoor. We looked down on the street and an old woman is sitting, howling like a wolf, outside the house. I still dont know why but there is a sect operating in that house so I suspect some sort of demon had possessed her. I love Mexico.

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  1. jo men jag har ju istället en grej för män som inte bor i samma land eller kontinent som jag och som jag inte har träffat på flera år = dom är perfekta i mitt huvud. frågan är vilket som är smartast!?