vi var alla unga, mer eller mindre begåvade och vi var vackra



Tomorrow I am going to paint the crooked walls of my room, yes my walls are crooked. It is physicly impossible to align my bed with two two walls at the same time. I am not so fond of my room. Yet. But tomorrow my walls will become either "mosque blue" or "chasm". I am leaning towards "mosque blue" since I love kitch. I think your room says more or less everything about your personality (except in the case of my exboyfriend and others alike, who hates decorating). My rooms over the time have pretty much looked all the same;

•small with clothes covering the floor
• a lot of pictures, drawing and polaroids (and the occational cock-print after a drunken painting party) covering the walls
•at least one piece of furniture found on the street
•a selection of weird sheets (my favourite ones have a big picture of the phantom, yes the comic)

At one point during living in Prague I even possesed a working gas oven in my room. It came in quite handy at times since we didn't have any heating.

I hate that we are renting a furnished apartment, I want to throw out all my trash furniture (fake wood) and replace them with trash furniture I find on the street or at my neighbours, the christan charity shop (real wood).
I hate fake wood, it makes any room look like a cheap motel, in  a bad way. See it's hard to explain since I wouldn't mind my room looking like a cheap motel but in a good way.


  1. I love those paint names! Very inspiring, both Chasm and Mosque blue. Having lived way too long in rooms I hated, I can't wait to stay for longer in one place and call it home. However, I like what Henning Mankell said, you carry your roots inside yourself. Integrity!

  2. I guess you are right, the personality is not all in the room always. perhaps only when you actually have lived for more than two years in one place will it even remotly resemble your personality, but its still equally interesting every time you see someones room for the first time!