vi var alla unga, mer eller mindre begåvade och vi var vackra


Ida # 13 Sea sex and sun

I just needed to cry for a while so I did (dramatic_girl_85). The most beautiful love is the one that never will happen but leaves you with a dry throat when you sit too close in a car on the way to the jungle so your arm touches his arm and he is still married and still 16 years older and still a jungle man but still looks at you with black eyes and still has the most beautiful hands and still says “me encantas mucho” while you share a cigarette to get rid of the mosquitoes and then you leave again with a heavy heart and a whispered promise to take care. My very own Madison County-story! How privileged I am.
And the amino acids and the spider monkeys are still not in written form.
And, internet is fucked up again,
and I have had my share of Mexican drama already, but jesus, this time it is getting out of proportion. Although – everything is not bad. While people in Sweden battle with the cold weather, I eat strawberries and papaya in a pool of Mexican sunlight every morning and three days ago I went to the beach. Guess I have to focus on the positive things here. Plus, on Monday I turn 25 and I gave myself a new iPod and a vacation to celebrate that.

Ps. 25 (or, well, soon) and I still mime to the songs I am listening to with a deodorant in my hand. When will that behaviour go away? Latest example – True colours, Cyndi Lauper. And sometimes I am moonwalking in front of the monkeys. Their faces: O_O. I am truly an embarrassment for my family, my friends, my monkeys and biologists everywhere.

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