vi var alla unga, mer eller mindre begåvade och vi var vackra


Ida#8 Top 4 romantic moments

1. Somewhere in the Amazonia and it was the middle of the night, with the sounds of the rainforest only sometimes interrupted by the electric generator. Everyone who has been in the rainforest knows that the night is black black black. I am sitting by a table next to a candle with the most beautiful guy I know in front of me and we play staring-at-eachother-games until his nose touches mine and we kiss and it is so fucking beautiful and perfect I want to go out and kick down a tree or hit him or something.
The adrenalin in the stomach was just ridiculous. Like a fucking joke. Anyway, that would be top one on the list.

2. New years eve in Stockholm and I have just met the guy who would be by secret love for a really long time. Every move we make are synchronized and every sentence we say is followed by a “really? I am the same!”. He kiss me and I have my back against a wall and the kisses are just the best and we are out of breath and I am dizzy with happiness and every time we stop he leans forward and says “Abstinence” and kiss me again. We do not move from that wall for 3 hours.
After that we went home and had a weird moment with 2 other naked people in the room. We had sex though. It was fun.

3. Another forest-situation, this time in Mexico. I have finished working with the monkeys and me and G are walking back to the car, which we have parked in the end of the road. As we walk, the howler monkeys start singing behind us and he turns around and says that the rain is coming, and just like in a film the rain comes behind us like a really fast curtain. He ask if I want to see the lake so we walk up a small hill to watch Laguna Catemaco from up top plus with shit weather. As we walk back he is laughing because I laugh at the rain, and he says that I am crazy and I say yes but charming and he turns around and kiss me. I almost fall down from the surprise but sure why not make out with a hot Mexican Crocodile Dundee in the rain on a hill?
Moment of death of “moment”: I say “But you have a wife?”

4. Me and the former apple of my eye are in a park in Stockholm. I was in so fucking in love with him but disguised it behind the old “hey just friends”-attitude. Suddenly it starts raining. Yes, it rains like crazy in the rainforest, but a good Swedish summer-rain is not that far behind. We hide under some trees with other people but it takes about 2 seconds before the trees are no good as shelter anymore. He takes his hoodie and holds it over his head, covering both of us. I have to stand close enough for my breasts to touch his chest and now and then our hips touch as we are trying to balance plus keeping the Swedish distance. I can smell his skin and perfume and it makes me weak in my knees. I just think “I should kiss him, or please kiss me please” all the time. He don’t move. I don’t move. We don’t say anything. And then the rain stops and my heart shatters into at least 10 pieces as we just take off joking about music or cars or something.

I was planning for it to be 5 but the rest of the romantic memories are gone with the wind right now as I am lying in my cold apartment (whats up with living in Mexico and being cold most of the time?) in a jumper that smells of a guy who was kind enough bring it, trying to sleep. Ithink it was the fact that I got so upset about the lack of romance in my life right now, or maybe the anger about not being with any of the above guys right now. Oh well! Later skaterz.

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