vi var alla unga, mer eller mindre begåvade och vi var vackra



I have always had a fascination for teenmovies from the late 80's / early 90's. I guess I like the whole "coming of age" and teen rebellion thing, mainly because I never really, really had a period like that. I mean, of course I did a whole bunch of stupid and illegal stuff. But I never ever let anyone of authority to tell me off find out about it, which I guess makes me a coward of sorts. Or just very good at hiding things.
Well, anyways films like Suburbia, The Outsiders, The Legend of Billy Jean and the likes have all the ingredients for me to become completely and uterly obsessed with behaving like a teenager. I guess they just remind me of how much fun it actually is to throw rocks through the windows of abandoned warehouses and throw myself or my friends in bushes just because I feel like it. I am very proud of my bruised legs.

Being in the teen-mode also makes me think of all those times when you meet someone who is so special and amazing that you want to bring this person everywhere and tell him all of your secrets. At least that is how I work. Well a lot of these people pretty much come and go, which somehow makes the time spent with them even more special and amazing. Just because there is no telling what would have happened if that time would have lasted longer. I have at least three people like this "not so much" in my life at the moment. Or well they are in my life mainly when I daydream and sometimes when they send me random emails claiming they miss me. When I focus hard enough I can totally picture a future with either one of them, its not the kind of future people normally picture. It doesn't involve any kids nor cars nor houses close to the beach, not even marriage except the occasional "let's get drunk and get married in vegas here's a ring out of a gumball machine!" daydream. It is just basically me and him sitting on a rooftoop overlooking a city (sometimes I imagine it to be New York, other times I leave it unimagined) sharing a bottle of tequila and laughing at some stupid joke or screaming or freezing or kissing or all of the above.

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  1. legend of billy jean remember when i showed it to you ... i love this film so much.. kisses berglind